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Audio Visual Concepts are specialists in multi- room audio visual systems for both homes and 



Multi-room equipment opens up a whole new range of audio visual entertainment possibilities. 

Music and video content, Streamed or stored on your computer, tablet or smart-phone can be played through a multi-room system throughout your home or business.



Each room can be turned into an independent zone which means you can play different music, movies or television channels in different rooms simultaneously.


Home entertainment has never been so versatile – installing a multi-room system means you can listen to music in individual rooms or throughout the entire house, and even outside. You can also watch your favourite programmes, movies and sport or even view your photo’s on any TV in the house.


Multi-room systems can be installed in any home; during the build of a new home or renovation and there are also options for existing homes with a minimum amount of cabling involved.

A whole home experience…


Why not enjoy rock on the patio, classical in the kitchen and jazz in the bedroom, whilst a movie is playing in the family room?

We enjoyed working with AVConcepts and are delighted with the outcome. Our audio visual solution is smart/easy to use and cost effective”.

Jeff and Trish, Bethlehem

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