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Installing smart wiring throughout your home or business is a clever and affordable investment 

as it can add value to your property and will ensure that you are set up for the ever changing 

world of audio visual technology.


Whether you are renovating or building, Audio Visual Concepts can help to ensure your new home or business is future proof through the installation of smart wiring.

Building a new smart home or business...


Installing smart wiring in a new home or business at framing stage is simple, and we can work with you during the planning stages of your build to develop a customised audio visual system design. 


Renovating your home or business...


In an existing building it can be challenging to install smart wiring, but renovations offer an ideal opportunity. Audio Visual Concepts will work with you to find solutions for retro-fitting smart wiring to ensure your home or business is ready for all future audio visual needs.

A home for the future…


Install smart wiring in your home or business to future-proof your home so you can keep up with the latest

AV Technology trends and developments.

“This is the second time we have used Andrew to install our audio system. They offered great advice, prompt and friendly service, competitive pricing and good follow up support to us. We recommend them to anyone wanting to install home entertainment systems.”

Dwaine, Pyes Pa

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